Could PTSD be Linked to Pituitary?

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Could my Symptoms be Cushing's?

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Welcome - Introduction

Hot Flashes, Mood Swings, Anger & Rage, Irregular or Missing Periods, Infertility, Low Sex Drive, Depression, Eating Disorders


By Linda M. Rio, M.A., Marriage and Family Therapist

WELCOME! This site is dedicated to providing reliable information for those who want to be informed about their bodies and the hormonal system that affects us all. 

Men and women, children and teens are affected by hormones. Hormones are amazing components of our bodies and when in the right balance help our physical and mental health function properly. Hormones are important and necessary for growth and health. 

Physical imbalances and disturbances within the hormonal system do, however, occur frequently and can lead to ill mental and physical health and even changes in the outward appearance of the body. Behavior, mental/emotional changes can occur as well that can lead to tension within a marriage, the family, social and work relationships. The information on this site comes from some of the top medical and mental health experts in the world. Also, sometimes hormonal problems, or those "raging hormones", are an indication of a deeper medical issue that needs to be dealt with by properly trained physicians and mental health professionals.

Additional information on such issues can be found at

When things seem to be going awry or just not functioning well we are sometimes told "Just deal with it"... or "Just loose weight"..."Go on a diet"... "Exercise more"..."It's all in your head"...or we say to ourselves, "It's just my raging hormones"! And by viewing this site you have taken the first step toward empowering yourself with information and resources necessary toward feeling better!